Lethbridge Brio Salon Group Portrait & Headshots

Shooting for Brio Salon was a great opportunity to work on a large studio group portrait and craft an image that showcased each of their 29 staff members. Rather than using stairs, or bleachers like grade school photos, we built a set of various boxes, stools, risers and chairs that allowed us to pose the group in a more unique way.

After the set was built, we brought the whole team in and posed them one by one. The team then walked off their marks, we covered the set in canvas, before having them return to their pose.

I shot a sequence of around 40+ frames making small changes to expressions and individual poses that could then be edited in post to have the best possible final image. Shooting with a tripod made the editing process more efficient.

We didn't have enough canvas to cover the set and the foreground, so after the group was photographed we moved several pieces of canvas around frame by frame so we could fill in the foreground in post.

Following the group portrait we shot individual headshots on a separate set. A huge thanks goes out to Kristopher Orr for helping on this entire shoot, couldn't have done it without him!