Thanks for taking an interest in my work!
Here's my quick backstory.

  • Born and raised in Southern Alberta.
  • Fortunate to have been born in an era where they still taught traditional darkroom photography in schools.
  • Half way through my post secondary education, I abandoned the usual courses and created an independent study shooting photos across SE Asia.
  • Learned Pentax 35mm cameras are built like tanks, (are heavy) and can survive almost anything while traveling.
  • I love grainy, contrasty, high ISO black and white film.
  • Completed my BFA degree and moved across Canada to intern under renowned Toronto photographer Dustin Rabin.
  • Toronto taught me the in's and outs of the business... and some amazing insight into the rock and roll lifestyle while working alongside Dustin and Dine Alone Records.
  • Southern Alberta has always been home, and I brought my work back to the Prairies after meeting my wife Sabrina. On my downtime we love hiking the mountains with our two golden retrievers.
  • I continue to explore traditional photography and alternative processes such as tintypes, large format cameras, and pinhole work outside of my commercial work.

If you feel like scrolling some of my work on your phone drop by @JaimeVedres on Instagram.