Alberta Magazine Award!

At the 2019 Alberta Magazine Awards I was honored to take home the Silver award for Photograph: Series or Essay for the story On Track to Graduate in Alberta Views! Thank you to Alberta Views for the nomination and Alberta Magazine Publishers Association for the award!


Galt Museum Board & Employees

The Lethbridge 2018 Galt Museum Board Members. Each year I get to opportunity to update this corporate group photo, and at the same time try and update and improve my skills posing, and how efficiently I can light and shoot this portrait as everyone's time is pretty valuable in this diverse group of community members. We also updated a few of the staff headshots this year as well.


Lethbridge PBR 2018

Lethbridge PBR weekend is an event I look forward to photographing each year for the Enmax Centre and being their in-house photographer definitely allows me the opportunity to get some close up angles! From the entertaining antics of Brinson James to the intense bull riding it's non stop action and a great challenge to try and capture!


The Confession of Jeffrey Dahmer

The Confession of Jeffrey Dahmer by Josh Hitchens.
While haunting, horrific and really off putting, this show was an incredible performance and astounding artistic piece performed by Jay Whitehead as Dahmer, directed by Richie Wilcox and Aaron Collier for set and sound design. I can't imagine how difficult it was to get into the head of this person while preparing and performing this show!

Lottie Austin

In 2011 I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Lottie Austin and George Evelyn for an article recognizing their outstanding volunteer work supporting music and the arts in Lethbridge. I was sorry to hear of her passing today, and would like to offer my condolences to her family and friends. I knew Lottie briefly, but my time spent working with Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra and the University of Lethbridge had us cross paths many times and she was always a friendly face in the crowd.

Lottie Austin 1956 - 2017


Peak Dental Headshots

These local Lethbridge dentists needed some updated headshots to match their re-branded business. We were able to set up on-site before office hours and shoot these two business headshots prior to clients arriving.

Dr. Malmberg & Dr. Hendry from West Lethbridge, Peak Dental

The Drowning Girls

Shooting production stills for theatre is quite similar to photographing concerts. You're dealing with all kinds of unique lighting situations and only have one chance to capture key moments as the show progresses. I've been working with the University theatre department for a few years now, and there is no shortage of amazing work coming from their directors and students. The latest mainstage production of The Drowning Girls was no exception. After shooting the dress rehearsal I arranged a few quick portraits of the actors in a 12x8 pool and shot from directly above them. Here's two of the images:

Actor: Shelby Wilson

Actor: Shelby Wilson

Actor: Shelby Wilson

Actor: Shelby Wilson

The Drowning Girls -
"Gasping up from underwater, three drowned brides are resurrected to piece together how a real life wife-killer duped them all. Originally written in 1999 for Edmonton Fringe by two U of A students and their professor, The Drowning Girls is based on the true story of the murderous George Joseph Smith who was hanged in 1915 for drowning three of his wives." -

Concert Photographer - Enmax Centre - Slayer

I love shooting live music, it's a challenge and rush to get the shot within the limited amount of time the bands allow you to shoot. From one song at the soundboard, or three songs in front of the barricade. Rock or Metal shows are by far the best to shoot, they are filled with so much more energy. Slayer was no exception, they put on a killer show at the Enmax Centre yesterday night. Here's a few frames from their set.


Enmax Centre in house photographer

Some recent work as the in house photographer for The Enmax Centre in Lethbridge. Bands: SixxAM, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Russell Dickerson, Billy Currington

Lethbridge Brio Salon Group Portrait & Headshots

Shooting for Brio Salon was a great opportunity to work on a large studio group portrait and craft an image that showcased each of their 29 staff members. Rather than using stairs, or bleachers like grade school photos, we built a set of various boxes, stools, risers and chairs that allowed us to pose the group in a more unique way.

After the set was built, we brought the whole team in and posed them one by one. The team then walked off their marks, we covered the set in canvas, before having them return to their pose.

I shot a sequence of around 40+ frames making small changes to expressions and individual poses that could then be edited in post to have the best possible final image. Shooting with a tripod made the editing process more efficient.

We didn't have enough canvas to cover the set and the foreground, so after the group was photographed we moved several pieces of canvas around frame by frame so we could fill in the foreground in post.

Following the group portrait we shot individual headshots on a separate set. A huge thanks goes out to Kristopher Orr for helping on this entire shoot, couldn't have done it without him!

Laurie, Kenna & Associates Financial Services

I always love the challenge of shooting a larger group photo, and this one came with a little extra challenge. A week after the initial shoot, we had two people that needed to be photographed in a different location and placed into the group photo. Fortunately I had some notice and left a little extra space for them. The group portrait for Laurie, Kenna & Associates was shot in Lethbridge, Alberta at The Galt Museum.